Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking to ensure safe lessons?

We offer a variety of training options (including phone consultations and video training) to make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

If you choose in-person home visits masks are required, trainers sanitize before and after each lesson, we socially distance when possible, and are happy to work outside if preferred.

What do you charge?

Our prices can be found at our Services page

How long are the lessons? 

Phone Consults are up to 30 minutes

Video and in-home lessons are up to 60 minutes

How often are lessons?  

Consistency is key to training. We recommend

  • Once a week in round one (lessons 1-3).
  • Round two (lessons 4-6) and beyond are often every other week or more.

We are always flexible with our client’s unique scheduling needs.

 Does my puppy/dog need to have all its vaccines to start lessons? 

Your puppy needs to be up to date on vaccines, but they do not have to be completed to start training. It is much more important to start training and socialization early! 

What methods do you use?

Follow My Lead will always start with positive reinforcement (lots of food)!

While the majority of dogs will respond very well to positive reinforcement and high value treats, we recognize that not all dogs are the same. We know training is not “one size fits all.”

We are well versed in creating custom training programs using a wide variety of techniques and styles. We will never force you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

What if my dog isn’t food motivated? 

Don’t worry! We will work with you and find what works best for you and your dog! 

What can I expect?

Just know that each team (you and your pup) has a specific goal and starts from a different place – so everyone’s lessons will be a little different.

Regardless of why you reach out to us, you can expect expert knowledge, passion to help you and your furry family member live the best life together, and to feel comfortable enough to ask any question without judgment

We will also give you realistic advice and honest opinions.

What equipment do I need? 

Just your pup’s collar and leash!

If we need any special equipment (ex: gentle leader, martingale, etc.) we will discuss this in our lessons. 

If you are already using extra equipment, feel free to use or bring it. 

Have you worked with “this” before? 

If you are having an issue or challenge with your dog…rest assured, you are probably not the only one! 

We commonly work with new puppies, rescue dogs, and re-homed dogs just needing to learn basic manners and obedience.

Other common behaviors we work with:

Dog reactivity / Aggression

Anxiety / Fear

Prey Drive / Chasing cats

Introductions to other dogs


We also have experience with many disabled dogs (deaf dogs, blind dogs, dogs with centronuclear myopathy, megaesophagus, amputees, and much more)! 

Have you worked with “my dog’s breed” before?  

Very likely, yes! After working with thousands of dogs we have likely worked with your breed.

Can you help with therapy dog preparation/testing? 

Yes! We have helped many teams with therapy test preparation 

We can also administer a trainer evaluation if needed for your organization (Lend a Heart is the most common one we perform). 

Do you train Service Dogs?

Yes! However, this is an extremely rigorous program and not all clients are accepted or complete the program. Interested clients should set up a consultation with Follow My Lead to see if we are all the appropriate fit. Types of assistance we work with:

Wheelchair assistance dogs (pulling a wheelchair, retrieving dropped items, turning on/off light switches, opening/closing doors, and much more) 

Seizure assistance dogs (seizure response depending on client need, retrieval of medication, etc.) 
Diabetic alert dogs (alert to high and low blood sugar, retrieve supplies needed, etc.) 
PTSD assistance dogs (give space with block command in public, give peace of mind with watch command in public, nightmare interruption, and more)
Autism assistance dogs (DPT-deep pressure therapy, interruption of stimming or repetitive behaviors, help aid in running behaviors of younger children, and many other extremely client dependent tasks! Just tell us exactly what YOU need, and we will come up with a solution to help) 
Mobility assistance dogs (retrieving dropped items or medical equipment like canes or crutches, bracing on stairs, counterbalance, momentum pull, and more) 
and many more task trained functions!