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Follow My Lead specializes in creating strong bonds between dogs and their owners, with a focus on positive reinforcement techniques for obedience training and balanced training for behavior modification.


In-Home Private Training


Puppy & Dog Obedience Classes


Behavior Modification


Build a strong relationship with your pup through trust

About Follow My Lead

Follow My Lead was formally established in 2015, but our trainers have over a decade of experience.

Our experienced trainers offer both in-home private training sessions and group training classes to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner. 

We believe every dog is capable of learning and developing new skills and are committed to creating safe and effective learning environments to support your dog’s growth and development, 

At Follow My Lead, we prioritize positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and help dogs learn in a stress-free way. 

We also believe in using a balanced training method to address behavioral issues to give you to tools to be confident and successful.


Since 2015, Follow My Lead has served the Greater Sacramento Area and made a positive impact on the relationships between owners and their dogs.

Experienced Professionals

Follow My Lead specializes in puppy basics, advanced behavior modification, and service dog training and is trusted by many local Vet Clinics in the Greater Sacramento Area

Balanced Training

Our trainers are well versed many training styles, methods and techniques. We start with positive reinforcement and only modify methods only as needed.

Meet the Trainers

Jennifer C

Owner & Professional Trainer

Jennifer has her Bachelors in Animal Science from UCDavis with a Companion Animal Specialization and a Behavior Emphasis. 

She brings over a decade of experience as a professional trainer and over 15 years of knowledge in the animal industry.

She is skilled in creating and personalizing training programs and finding a solution that works for you and your dog.

Her biggest passion is training service dogs for those in need – mobility, seizure response, hearing, psychiatric, and autism service dogs

Liz M

Professional Trainer

Liz joined Follow My Lead in 2018. Her passion for dogs has led her on a journey to help thousands of owners and dogs build stronger relationships.

She has extensive experience in creating comprehensive training programs for owners and their dogs as well as experience with raising and training service dogs for others. 

Her specialties are effective puppy socialization and dog reactivity with the help of her canine partner, Tea.

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