Heeling Hearts

Follow My Lead's Service Dog Training Program

The Heeling Hearts Process

Puppy Selection

Training a service dog starts at the beginning - selecting the right puppy. We partner with you to increase your chance of finding the right puppy for you!

Public Access Training

Create a strong foundation through proper teaching and training

Task Training

Advance your training with Task Training to ensure your Service Dog fits your needs!

Experienced in Task Training

Seizure response
Autism service dogs

What to expect

Progressive Training

The Heeling Hearts Program is a 1.5 - 2 year program that guides you through Public Access Training, Basic Obedience, Advance Training, and Task Training.

Continuous Support

Service Teams are a lifelong relationship. Heeling Hearts is committed to providing guidance and support for the lifetime of the team.

The Highest Standards

Heeling Hearts prides ourselves on providing the best quality of service dog training. Graduates of Heeling Hearts know that they are getting a quality dog and support system.

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