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From group training classes and in-home private training to board and training. We want to know about you, your dog, and your training goals.


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What Training Method(s) do you use?

We always start with a positive training environment to make training fun and engaging. If you would like to explore other training methods, we are well versed in most, to all training methods, but, before we transition to alternative methods, we take the time to teach you how and why to use non-standard equipment.

What Can We Talk About In The Phone Consultation?

We can talk all about you and your dog and that training would realistically look like during and after training. We will talk about your struggles, when they occur, and create a gameplan to set the both of you up for success.

Have You Worked With A Dog That ______?

Most likely, yes! Over the past decade of working with thousands of dogs, we have helped dog owners with their training struggles.

Why Do You Charge For A Phone Consultation?

Think about this time as a half-hour training session that allow us to create a gameplan and get started with training. Without the phone consultation, the first ~30 minutes of the first in-person session will be talking about your struggles, when they happen, and create a gameplan to se you and your dog up for success.

What If I Want To Move Forward With A Training Program?

We can book your first session, help you schedule your training class, or set up your board & train right from your phone! We make setting up training as easy as possible.

Tell us about yourself and your dog!

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